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Countering Racist Politics

The Church of England celebrates the diversity found in its parishes, schools and congregations, and the contribution of this diverse people to the life of their communities and churches.   The Church of England is also aware of its own need to be constantly vigilant regarding racism and all forms of prejudice in its common life and structures.

In the recent years the Church has been concerned about the rise of political parties and other groups who base their policies, rhetoric and actions on prejudice, and the fear of different ethnic and religious groups.

Through motions passed by the General Synod, public statements and participation in community alliances the Church seeks to make real its abhorrence of racism and intolerance in all areas of our society's life.

Countering far right political parties, extremist groups and racist politics: a guidance note  published Januray 2010

Affirming our common humanity ; A theological statement by the House of Bishops published January 2011

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