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Matter of life and debt

The state of the economy is never far from the top of the news bulletins or newspaper front pages.

This is why the Church of England's Resources and Stewardship Officer, Dr John Preston, has released information and resources under the heading Matter of Life and Debt, for personal and church use.

His central message is that borrowing money to pay bills - or using a credit card to obtain a higher level of consumer spending - is not a long-term solution, as it leads to long-term debt with no plan in place, or guaranteed higher future income, to pay it off.

To help households work out whether they are likely to join the debit spiral, a useful guide is available online.

Common sense advice

For those feeling anxious about the amount of debt they are in, common sense advice and helpful Bible quotations are included in the section Are you struggling with debt? along with useful resources - such as an easy-to-use interactive spreadsheet for planning a household budget.

Realising that money problems are a source of stress, specially written prayers are available online, composed by our National Worship Development Officer.

There is also a section dedicated to Finding hope when struggling with debt.

Debt ministry

For churches interested in developing debt ministry at their church, How your church can help people in debt contains instruction on how to teach on debt issues as well as a Powerpoint presentation of our common sense advice. It also links to organisations that help to set up local debt advice centres.

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