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July 1987 General Synod considered a report Freemasonry and Christianity: Are they compatible?

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The following motion carried a margin of 8 to 1:

'That this Synod endorses the Report of the Working Group (GS 784A), including its final paragraph, and commends it for discussion by the Church.'

At national level, there have been no formal developments since the 1987 debate.

The final paragraph of the report referred to in the motion reads as follows:

'(122)   This Report has identified a number of important issues on which, in the view of the Working Group, the General Synod will have to reflect as it considers 'the compatibility or otherwise of Freemasonry with Christianity'.  The reflections of the Working Group itself reveal understandable differences of opinion between those who are Freemasons and those who are not.  Whilst the former fully agree that the Report shows that there are clear difficulties to be faced by Christians who are Freemasons, the latter are of the mind that the Report points to a number of very fundamental reasons to question the compatibility of Freemasonry and Christianity.'

Copies of the report are obtainable from Church House Publishing

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