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Mental Health

In 2008 the General Synod debated 'Continuing Issues in Mental Health' . The report

  • Addressed the need to improve mental health services in hospitals and in the community
  • Challenged both the Government and the Church to deepen their engagement in this area
  • Called for better treatment of people with mental disorders in relation to the criminal justice system
  • Drew attention to the increasingly high profile of spirituality in mental health care.

Read the motion carried by the Synod.

General Synod had previously debated the issue of mental health in 2003 with two reports Emerging Issues in Mental Health and Personality Disorder and Human Worth. Copies of Personality Disorder and Human Worth  are available from alastair.callcutt@churchofengland.org

Promoting Mental Health - A Resource for Spiritual and Pastoral Care
is a flexible tool for use in parishes, in a range of different groups and situations to trigger discussion and debate. Feel free to download a copy of this resource

Mental Health Act 2007
The Bishop of Manchester set out the Church's position on the Bill in the Second Reading debate in November 2006.

  • November 2004 the Church of England made a submission to the Joint Committee on the Draft Mental Health Bill. The submission can be accessed here
  • Submissions were made to the Department of Health in 2001 and 2002.

Mental Capacity Act 2005
The Mental Capacity Bill was introduced in 2004. The Church of England's position on it was set out in a letter to The Times newspaper by the Bishop of St Albans on 14 December 2004. The Church of England supported the overall aims of the Bill but expressed concern about the possibility that it might allow euthanasia.

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