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February 2008 Detention without Charge (GS 1681)
The General Synod debated a motion about the balancing of the demand for security from terrorist attack with the protection of civil rights and liberties.

October 2007 The Mission & Public Affairs Council submitted a response to the Home Office paper on 'Options for pre-charge detention in terrorist cases.' Read the press release

November 2005  Facing the Challenge of Terrorism (GS 1595)
The General Synod reflected on the bombings of 7 July and the Government's response to them. Reports in the press were misleading when they claimed that the Church 'supported the police's shoot-to-kill policy', said the Bishop of Southwark, who introduced the debate. Instead, the report recognised that an effective counter-terrorism strategy could include lethal force as a last resort, but that any such response must be based on reliable intelligence. The motion that was carried unanimously urged political parties to heed the warnings from history over the progressive erosion of fundamental rights when considering new legislation. It concluded with a call to members of the Church of England to promote greater understanding, reconciliation and respect within their local communities, especially where there are significant numbers from other faith traditions.


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