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The new #TOYOURCREDIT website includes information, resources and ideas to help churches and individuals act for a fairer financial system including: how to join and support your local credit union, providing access to debt advice, running a money skills course and becoming a credit champion.

In June this year, at a reception to mark 50 years of the credit union movement in the UK, Archbishop Justin Welby  re-iterated his long term vision for a transformed financial sector:
"We are beginning to see real change. But we need to be realistic that what we're trying to do is not a quick flash in the pan, but an effort to build a whole new financial sector that for many years has not been in existence in this country, excluding some of the poorest in our society from the basic necessity of effective financial services. If people don't have that, there's lots of other things they can't do about job creation and work and training and all kinds of other things."

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