CMEAC 25 events and travelling exhibition

25th Anniversary General Synod Fringe Meeting, 7 July 2012

Dreams for the future
"… dream is to see more young people like me as a leader in the church."

Come and share the dream and be a part of making it a reality was the invitation sent to Synod members asking them to come to the CMEAC 25th Anniversary Fringe Event at the July 2012 Sessions of the General Synod at York University.

The Rt Hon David Lammy MP (former member of the Archbishops' Council and of CMEAC) had recorded a video message for the event talking about his involvement in the early days of CMEAC and challenged those at the fringe meeting to actively pursue and commit to diversity in the Church which he longs to see happen as a reality.  Bruce Dyer (former premiership footballer and Christian motivational speaker) spoke about how the church could better attract and retain young people and what we could do to encourage the gifts and talents of all ethnic groups in the Church.  Two young people, Roshan and Richard, shared their dream of how all in the Church of England could work together, challenging the Church to enable the dream of it being truly ethnically diverse to become a reality throughout the structures of the Church of England.

Synod members and guests at the event wrote down their dreams for a truly diverse Church.  These visions can be read here.

Watch David Lammy's message for the event here:

Evensong at York Minster - 12th May 2012

As part of the CMEAC 25th Anniversary of celebration and reflection, York Minster held a CMEAC Evensong especially for Dioceses in the Northern Province.   The service was attended by over 100 people from parishes in the north, eight bishops (including the Bishops of Sheffield and Southwell & Nottingham) and the CMEAC Committee.

Six prayer stations were set up in the Minister throughout the day for anyone to visit before the service.  The Rt Revd Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield, preached the sermon, which can be read here.

Travelling CMEAC 25 exhibition

Two (identical) exhibitions tracing the history and vision of CMEAC are available for dioceses to borrow. Diocesan Link Partners (DLPs) are encouraged to book these through Edna Dolor in the CMEAC office; click here to see bookings already made. For more details call 020 7898 1443.