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North Africa and The Middle East

WCC ImageThe Middle East remains one of the most bitterly divided regions in the world with poverty, injustice and conflict a daily reality for many. The Middle East presents the international community with some of the most complex and controversial challenges.

The Middle East is also a region synonymous with the Holy Land, the birth place of Jesus, where Christians have lived for centuries and where many travel as pilgrims. If you are travelling to the region as a pilgrim or on holiday you might want to visit our site on ethical pilgrimages.

The Church's thinking on British foreign policy towards Israel, its Arab neighbours, Iraq and the increasing regional influence of Iran is set out in a 2007 submission to a Parliamentary inquiry. The submission drew on two previous General Synod reports on the Arab/Israeli conflict:Demanding Peace: A Church Response to the Al Aqsa Intifada (2001) and Israel/Palestine - An Unholy War (2002).

In July 2012 the Church of General Synod again debated Israel/Palestine. The Synod passed a motion affirming its support for a range of organisations, including the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Accompanier Programme in Palestine Israel, that work for a peacefully resolution of the conflict.

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