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Domestic abuse

Many diocesan workers and others are often members of a local partnership and find them to be an effective way of gaining understanding about domestic violence and also of building strong working relationships with frontline workers. Some Dioceses have developed projects and good practice. Others have produced Charters.

In 2006, the Archbishops Council published 'Responding to Domestic Abuse: Guidelines for those with pastoral responsibility'

These guidelines were produced following the Synod debate in July 2004 which carried the following motion:

'That this Synod, noting that Domestic Violence is regarded by the Home Office and the police as a crime:

a) view with extreme alarm the number of incidents being regularly reported, as being an unacceptable picture of suffering and abuse:

b) call for national guidelines to be issued by the Archbishops' Council for those with pastoral care responsibilities, as to the appropriate relationship with both victims and perpetrators;

c) recognise the special circumstances associated with domestic violence, and therefore the special needs of victims, in minority ethnic communities; and

d) urge all dioceses to consider ways in which they could (i) work in partnership with other agencies, co-operating sensitively with those serving minority communities, to provide the resources needed by victims and their families; (ii) speak out against the evil of domestic violence; and (iii) work for justice and safety in the homes of this nation.'

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