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The family remains the most important grouping human beings have ever developed. Children thrive, grow and develop within the love and safeguarding of a family. Within the family we care for the young, the old and those with caring needs. Families should be able to offer each of their members commitment, fun, love, companionship and security.

The Church touches families at many points. In Spring 2011 the Mission and Public Affairs Division commissioned  research into family support and early years intervention facilitated through the Church of England.  The research and recommendations are set out in For the Next Generation.

In our society, many families face new and challenging pressures. The following links illustrate how the Church and society can help families flourish:

The Church of England response to the 2010 DCSF consultation 'Support for All: the Families and Relationships green paper'

Work-life balance and parental leave

Strengthening family life

Joint birth registration

Children's Society Fatherhood Commission

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