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Work-life balance and parental leave

Parents quality time with children

In 2008 the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham followed up his support for flexible working during the passage of the Work & Families Act by sponsoring a debate about how to help parents of school-age children, especially those on low incomes, spend quality time with their children at weekends. The bishop argued that, if the Government wishes to achieve its twin aims of, firstly, combating poverty by maximising the number of people in work and, secondly, emphasising the responsibility of parents, then it has to make flexible working possible for all families with children under 18, including those on low incomes. Peers from all parts of the House contributed to the robust debate which was then summed up by Lord Adonis. He agreed that parenting is the single greatest factor in a child's personal development and educational attainment and emphasised the Government's commitment to supporting parents and helping them to fulfil their parenting responsibilities. The report from Hansard of this debate can be read here.

The Government have previously issued several consultation papers about work and parents, which we have responded to.

In October 2002, the Board for Social Responsibility prepared a response to the DTI paper - Work and Parents - consultation on draft regulations

Previous to that, it also prepared a submission to the Work and Parents Taskforce set up by the DTI in September 2001.

In March 2001, the Board for Social Responsibility prepared a response to the DTI paper - Work and Parents: competitiveness and choice.

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