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Assisted Suicide

On 11th September 2015 MPs will have a free vote on a Bill that would make it lawful for medical professionals to provide assistance with suicide for qualifying terminally ill people who request it.

The Church of England cannot support the Assisted Dying Bill

The value of individuals' lives, protection of the vulnerable and respect for the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship are central to the Church of England's concerns about any proposal to change the law. Our position on the current Bill before Parliament is also consistent with the approach taken by the Archbishops' Council, House of Bishops and with successive resolutions of the General Synod.

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We recognise that this is a highly complex issue and one that provokes strong feelings from those who argue from opposing positions. On these pages you will find resources on the key questions in the debate around assisted suicide, including articles and public statements, policy papers, FAQs and links to other organisations that share the Church of England's concern about the issue. As well as considering these matters from an ethical and theological perspective, the Church of England's position is informed by its considerable experience of helping to deliver end of life care through hospital and hospice chaplaincy and through pastoral ministry in parishes.

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