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Healthcare Chaplaincy

The Church of England believes that healthcare chaplains provide a vital service to clients, patients and staff.  As part of a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals they play an essential role in bringing holistic care to all who welcome their input.  Their care is offered to all, regardless of religious affiliation, belief or practice, including indivduals without religious affiliation who may wish to be given spiritual support.

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All NHS hospital/healthcare chaplaincy posts are advertised at www.jobs.nhs.uk

The Church of England supports healthcare chapaincy in hospital and other healthcare facilities through:

  • The Healthcare lead bishop, the Right Reverend James Newcombe, the Bishop of Carlisle
  • Hospital/Healthcare Chaplaincy (formerly Hospital Chaplaincies' Council)
  • The Mission and Public Affairs Council and its policy adviser on medical ethics and health and social care policy, Dr Brendan McCarthy
  • Engagement with Government, Parliament, the Department of Health and Chaplaincy professional bodies
  • Submissions to Government consultations on health policy.

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