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Organ Transplantation

September 2012 The Mission & Public Affairs Council submitted a response to the National Health Service Blood and Transplant Consultation on Organ Donation Post 2013 Strategy.

The government's response to the consultation was published in July 2013. The new strategy is generally in line with the Church of England's submission, placing most emphasis on the need to improve consent rates and optimal use of donated organs.  It does not advocate a change to the opt out/opt in policy.  'Partnership working' with BME communities is to be increased. The possibility  of donors being given priority for transplant is to be debated further.

October 2007 Mission & Public Affairs(MPA) Division submitted a response to the House of Lords' EU Social Policy and Consumer Affairs Sub-Committee's inquiry into the EU Commission's Communication on organ donation and transplantation: policy actions at EU level. 

Press release - Organ donation a Christian duty

2002 the Board for Social Responsibility responded to a consultation from the Department of Health following reports of cadaverous tissue and organ retention at hospitals without consent.

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