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In February 2012, the Bishop of Carlisle, the Rt Revd James Newcome, gave his support to a petition set up by the charity Age UK, calling on the Government to reform the care system for older and disabled people so that everyone gets the care they need to live with respect and dignity. In an article published on the Church of England website, he supports the charity's aim to collect 100,000 signatures and encourages churchgoers to sign the petition as a Lenten discipline alongside reassessing their Christian duty to attend to the "spiritual and physical needs of the elderly known to us".

In November 2009, the Church of England's Mission and Public Affairs Council submitted a response to the Department of Health Green Paper Shaping the Future of Care Together. The Council welcomed the proposal to create a National Care Service, which would provide comprehensive and accessible care for all.

As with the National Health Service, a single structure of care for all people would be an important expression of social solidarity. The Council favoured the comprehensive funding option in the Green Paper as the one which would go furthest towards ensuring that everyone would have their Care needs met avoiding inequities.


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