Registration with the Charity Commission

Since 1st October 2008, PCCs with gross income over £100,000 have been required to register with the Charity Commission.

The Archbishops' Council have worked with the Charity Commission to make the process as simple as possible. We have agreed Approved Governing Documents Full guidance on registering is available in our Online Registration guide (last updated in February 2018). You will then need to access the On-Line Registration Portal of the Charity Commission website. A link is provided here for your convenience. You will need to attach a copy of our Governing Documents, and a pdf summarising them is available here for you to use.  You will also need to attach a statement of belief - we suggest that you used this summary Statement of Faith.

Once you're a registered charity, you will need to submit an Annual Return and a copy of your Report & Accounts. This will need to be done online.

What if my income is exceptionally over £100,000?

If your normal income is £80,000 or less, but exceptionally you exceeded the £100,000 threshold last year due to a grant, legacy or particular building campaign, you can apply for a written determination that you need not register. (Formally, that the basis year would, for example, be 2006 rather than 2007.) We have produced a determination not to register letter that you can use as a guide.