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  1. Online service contributors.

    Celebrating 'forgotten heroes' of Covid-19 pandemic


    This online service celebrates those who have helped keep food on our plates during the pandemic. Sarah Spencer, from the Diocese of Lincoln, and Nick Shepherd, from the Diocese of Southwark, lead the service, with contributions from farmers, lorry drivers and supermarket workers.

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    Celebrating Harvest and the Season of Creation


    Join Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley for this week's Harvest Festival service. This online service includes reflections on climate change, farming and the beauty of nature.

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    Everyone is made in the image of God


    Watch this exclusive extract of Rev Zoe Heming's online sermon, recorded as part of the Church of England's national online service, celebrating the gifts of Christians with disabilities.

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    Come together to serve in God's name


    This week's service is from All Saints Kings Heath, in south Birmingham.Reflecting on the theme of forgiveness, the service includes contributions from Professor Nicola Slee, poet and theologian.

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    Recognising teachers and school staff as unsung heroes


    Featuring contributions from St Thomas CofE Academy, this online service is led by Rev Tim Bateman from Gas Street Church, recognising teachers and school staff as unsung heroes and praying for the start of the new school year. The Dean of Birmingham, Matt Thompson, preaches and Sarah Smith, Director of Education for the Church of England in Birmingham, shares a reflection. 

  6. He gave His life for us


    Prepare for the new term with this week's service from Holy Trinity Platt. In his sermon, Rev Dr. Paul Mathole reminds us that the way to find true life is to give our life to Jesus, just as he gave his life for us.

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    We are never alone


    Rev Fergus Butler-Gallie leads Morning Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer for this online service. His sermon reflects on how we are never alone and that God walks with us through life's journey.

  8. Picture of Mucknell Abbey

    Wisdom from the Psalms


    This online service is led by the community of Mucknell Abbey, located near Worcester, in the West Midlands.The Abbey is part of the Order of St Benedict, and the service includes contributions from Sister Jessica, Brother Stuart, Brother Adrian, Sister Gregory and Brother Thomas.

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    God's kindness and mercy


    This week's online service is led by Rev Dr Lee Gatiss, the Director of Church Society. In his sermon, Lee reflects on God's kindness and mercy. The prayers are led by Ros Clarke, with readings from Gideon Emmanuel and Niv Lobo.

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    Feeding a hungry world


    This week's service comes from the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. Fr Kevin Smith presides at the Mass, with Bishop Philip North preaching on how Jesus feeds us so that we can go and feed a hungry world. The music is provided by CJM and the prayers are led by the Holborn Group.