Prayer over the Water

Prayer over the Water


Loving Father,

we thank you for your servant Moses,

who led your people through the waters of the Red Sea

to freedom in the Promised Land.

We thank you for your Son Jesus,

who has passed through the deep waters of death

and opened for all the way of salvation.

Now send your Spirit,

that those who are washed in this water

may die with Christ and rise with him,

to find true freedom as your children,

alive in Christ for ever.




We praise you, loving Father,

for the gift of your Son Jesus.

He was baptized in the River Jordan,

where your Spirit came upon him

and revealed him as the Son you love.

He sent his followers

to baptize all who turn to him.

Now, Father, we ask you to bless this water,

that those who are baptized in it

may be cleansed in the water of life,

and, filled with your Spirit,

may know that they are loved as your children,

safe in Christ for ever.



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