Music for the Eucharistic Prayers

The President's Edition of Common Worship contains settings of most of the Eucharistic Prayers and all of the Proper Prefaces. You can download PDF files of these settings using the links below. There is also information about how to purchase the President's Edition provided on this web site.

The Eucharistic Prayers with which Proper Prefaces can be used (i.e. Eucharistic Prayers A, B, C and E), and the Proper Prefaces themselves, are set to chants derived from the traditional melodies of the Church of England, based principally on the 'Sarum' tones used in England in the middle ages and in English adaptations since the late nineteenth century. Eucharistic Prayer B is set in full. Settings of Eucharistic Prayers F and G to chants derived from the traditional melodies are also available on this web site only.

Three special settings of Eucharistic Prayers D, F and G offer examples of alternative ways of singing the Eucharistic Prayer in three distinct styles. Further special settings are published by the Royal School of Church Music.

The musical settings on this web site are only available as PDF files, because of the graphical nature of musical notation.

Using PDF files

To view or print these files you will need version 4.0 or above of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge. If you have a previous version of Adobe Reader on your machine, we recommend that you uninstall it before you begin to install the latest version.

To get the best quality when using these PDF files, save them to your hard disk. In order to save the files to your hard drive (on a PC), right-click on the download link and choose 'save target as.'


Download the rest of the President's Edition and other Common Worship material as PDF files.

The Psalter

Any version of the Psalter which is not prohibited (and as yet none have been) may be used in Common Worship services.

The version of the Psalter printed in the official editions of Common Worship is called the Common Worship Psalter. The complete Common Worship Psalter pointed for Anglican chant has been published by the Royal School of Church Music.

Further information

Further information about music and Common Worship, including material for the new Common Worship: Daily Prayer services appears on the Royal School of Church Music web site.