Pastoral Services

    General Rules for Regulating
Authorized Forms of Service
  Any reference in authorized provision to the use of hymns shall be construed as including the use of texts described as songs, chants, canticles.


  If occasion requires, hymns may be sung at points other than those indicated in particular forms of service. Silence may be kept at points other than those indicated in particular forms of service.
  Where rubrics indicate that a text is to be 'said' this must be understood to include 'or sung' and vice versa.
  Where parts of a service make use of well-known and traditional texts, other translations or versions, particularly when used in musical compositions, may be used.
  Local custom may be established and followed in respect of posture but regard should be had to indications in Notes attached to authorized forms of service that a particular posture is appropriate for some parts of that form of service.
  On any occasion when the text of an alternative service authorized under the provisions of Canon B 2 provides for the Lord's Prayer to be said or sung, it may be used in the form included in The Book of Common Prayer or in either of the two other forms included in services in Common Worship. The further text included in Prayers for Various Occasions (page 106 in Common Worship: Services and Prayers for the Church of England) may be used on suitable occasions.
  Normally on any occasion only one Collect is used.
  At Baptisms, Confirmations, Ordinations and Marriages which take place on Principal Feasts, other Principal Holy Days and on Sundays of Advent, Lent and Easter, within the Celebration of the Holy Communion, the Readings of the day are used and the Collect of the Day is said, unless the bishop directs otherwise.
  The Collects and Lectionary in Common Worship may, optionally, be used in conjunction with the days included in the Calendar of The Book of Common Prayer, notwithstanding any difference in the title or name of a Sunday, Holy Day or other observance included in both Calendars.