Lectionary: Ordinary Time

  Ordinary Time

This begins on the day following the Presentation

    The Fifth Sunday before Lent
    The Fourth Sunday before Lent
    The Third Sunday before Lent
    The Second Sunday before Lent
    The Sunday next before Lent
    Ordinary Time resumes on the Monday following the Day of Pentecost
    Trinity Sunday
    Corpus Christi
    Sunday between 24 and 28 May inclusive:
if this follows Trinity Sunday, Proper 3 is used.
    Proper 4
    Proper 5
    Proper 6
    Proper 7
    Proper 8
    Proper 9
    Proper 10
    Proper 11
    Proper 12
    Proper 13
    Proper 14
    Proper 15
    Proper 16
    Proper 17
    Proper 18
    Proper 19
    Proper 20
    Proper 21
    Proper 22
    Proper 23
    Proper 24
    Proper 25
    Bible Sunday
    All Saints Day
    Fourth Sunday before Advent
    Third Sunday before Advent
    Second Sunday before Advent
    Christ the King