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Vision & Narrative

A Vision for Renewal and Reform [read]

A Plentiful Harvest [read]

A Hopeful Future [read]

A Realistic Assessment: Faith, realism & the Church of England [read]

A Growing Church: Growth is good? [read]

A Hopeful Future: Vision, Narrative, and Biblical hope, for Renewal & Reform [read]


Renewal, Reform, Reflection [read]

A Future that's Bigger than the Past by Sam Wells [read] [download]

The roots of Renewal & Reform by Jeremy Worthen [read] [download]

Where is the theology? A lecture by Jeremy Worthen [read]

The work of Renewal & Reform

'People who fear needing others, or God, become braver when they see God's strength at work in weakness.' [ read]

Championing young vocations [ read]

We spoke to the Bishop of Chelmsford, Stephen Cottrell and Robert Hammond, the Lay Chair of Chelmsford Diocesan Synod, about how they live out their faith, follow their vocation and how the Diocese is growing disciples.
Listen to Robert here -
Listen to Stephen here -

Simplification - a view from the ground [ read]

How Simplification makes mission and ministry easier [ read]

Why the Church is promoting the vocations of disabled people [... read]

How Simplification makes mission and ministry easier [... read]

Why we should value the true treasures of the Church [... read]

I come to do your will [... read]

From theory to reality [... read]

What we need is more love and less paperwork by Graham Millar [ read]

Peer Review - why bother? by Kenwyn Pierce  []

Renewal & Reform presentation to the College of Bishops by Rt Revd Steven Croft [read]

'Lay Ministry: strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow' by Des Scott [read]

God is at Work by Joëlle Warren [read]

The 'E' words - Estates & Evangelism by Malcolm Brown [read]

Is our vicar shaped mould too middle class? by Rt Revd John Wraw [read]

"I can find myself in these statistics" by Catherine Nancekievill [read]

Vocation, vocation, vocation - what is God calling you to? [read]

"But what about the laity?" [read]

RME - Response to Principals' Concerns [read]

Peer Review: Holding up a Mirror by John Ball [read]

Peer Review: From the Other Side of the Table by Mandy Ford [read]

Funding growth across the country [read]

Brief reflections on the Learning Community [read]

Commentary & debate

Come as we are: re-visioning the landscape of BAME involvement and representation in the Church of England. By the Revd Dr Sharon Prentis [ read]

A Church of the faithful growing in faithfulness by Wyn Beynon [... read]

'To church or not to church...' by Mike Eastwood [ read]

'God had other plans' by the Rt Revd Libby Lane [read]

'Neglecting the Gifts' by Mike Eastwood [ read]

'My chains fell off' by Mike Eastwood [read]

The Future of the Planet: The Forgotten Fifth? By Franky Ward [read]

FA Cup and Sunday League: Why cathedrals are the vanguard of Church renewal [read]

Conversations on Renewal & Reform: Thoughts from a cathedral Dean [read]

Conversations on Renewal & Reform: A response to thoughts from a cathedral Dean [read]

Some thoughts from a new boy [read]

A view from Liverpool [read]