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Vision & Narrative

A Vision for Renewal and Reform [read]

A Plentiful Harvest [read]

A Hopeful Future [read]

A Realistic Assessment: Faith, realism & the Church of England [read]

A Growing Church: Growth is good? [read]

A Hopeful Future: Vision, Narrative, and Biblical hope, for Renewal & Reform [read]


Renewal, Reform, Reflection [read]

A Future that's Bigger than the Past by Sam Wells [read] [download]

The roots of Renewal & Reform by Jeremy Worthen [read] [download]

Where is the theology? A lecture by Jeremy Worthen [read]

The work of Renewal & Reform

Why the Church is promoting the vocations of disabled people [... read]

How Simplification makes mission and ministry easier [... read]

Why we should value the true treasures of the Church [... read]

I come to do your will [... read]

From theory to reality [... read]

What we need is more love and less paperwork by Graham Millar [ read]

Peer Review - why bother? by Kenwyn Pierce  []

Renewal & Reform presentation to the College of Bishops by Rt Revd Steven Croft [read]

'Lay Ministry: strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow' by Des Scott [read]

God is at Work by Joëlle Warren [read]

The 'E' words - Estates & Evangelism by Malcolm Brown [read]

Is our vicar shaped mould too middle class? by Rt Revd John Wraw [read]

"I can find myself in these statistics" by Catherine Nancekievill [read]

Vocation, vocation, vocation - what is God calling you to? [read]

"But what about the laity?" [read]

RME - Response to Principals' Concerns [read]

Peer Review: Holding up a Mirror by John Ball [read]

Peer Review: From the Other Side of the Table by Mandy Ford [read]

Funding growth across the country [read]

Brief reflections on the Learning Community [read]

Commentary & debate

A Church of the faithful growing in faithfulness by Wyn Beynon [... read]

'To church or not to church...' by Mike Eastwood [ read]

'God had other plans' by the Rt Revd Libby Lane [read]

'Neglecting the Gifts' by Mike Eastwood [ read]

'My chains fell off' by Mike Eastwood [read]

The Future of the Planet: The Forgotten Fifth? By Franky Ward [read]

FA Cup and Sunday League: Why cathedrals are the vanguard of Church renewal [read]

Conversations on Renewal & Reform: Thoughts from a cathedral Dean [read]

Conversations on Renewal & Reform: A response to thoughts from a cathedral Dean [read]

Some thoughts from a new boy [read]

A view from Liverpool [read]