Short films

  • A Plentiful Harvest

  • A Hopeful Future

  • A Realistic Assessment

  • A Growing Church

  • A Prayer for Renewal and Reform

The Short Films

This series of short films explores the passion behind the vision and narrative for Renewal & Reform, through the eyes of some of those the Lord has sent out into his harvest field.

A Plentiful Harvest

The first of four films introducing the vision and narrative of Renewal & Reform. The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York, and Church Warden Irene Oppong, outline the potential of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. (Watch above or click here)

A Hopeful Future

The second of our four films themed on the vision and narrative. The Bishop of Burnley is joined by Youth Council representative Alexandra Podd, and Archbishops' Council member Rebecca Salter, in looking to a hopeful future. (Watch above or click here)

A Realistic Assessment

In the third film in our Renewal & Reform vision and narrative series, Programme Director Mike Eastwood, First Church Estates Commissioner Sir Andreas Whittam Smith, and Area Dean Kate Wharton, look at the challenges facing the Church of England. (Watch above or click here)

A Growing Church

The fourth film in the series exploring the vision and narrative looks at how, in a world crying out for God's love, we can once again become a growing church for all people in all places. With Secretary General William Nye, Church Army's CEO Mark Russell, and the Revd Smitha Prasadam (Watch above or click here)