How We Work

How We Work

How We Work is about improving how the National Church Institutions (NCIs) serve and support the mission and ministry of the Church of England. As such, it is a key strand of Renewal & Reform.

How We Work comprises three broad areas of work:

  • How we work with dioceses and cathedrals (the services we provide)
  • Data, systems and their use
  • Leadership and culture change within the NCIs.

Our focus is on activities which can only be done, or are most effectively and efficiently done, at a national level.

Working with the dioceses we have prioritised the following areas that will better support and enable their work:

  • Recruitment support - Develop systems and online tools that Dioceses can use to attract the best people for clergy and lay roles.  Building a better digital presence for recruitment that benefits the whole Church
  • 21st Century Data, Systems, and Processes - How the NCIs steward the data, systems and processes that they own on behalf of the church institutions. It involves developing & delivering data, information & systems which enables effective end to end data flow and accurate information.
  • Improving communications - Streamline the way the NCIs consult and communicate with dioceses to reduce the communication burden, and help the NCIs and dioceses to collaborate and share best practice.

And to deliver these we need to increase our leadership capacity to drive through operational and culture change programmes.

More information about these areas of work will be added here as the How We Work programme develops.

What are the NCIs

The NCI's are the National Church Institutions, which is the collective name for the following:

  • The Archbishops' Council
  • Bishopthorpe Palace
  • Lambeth Palace
  • The Church Commissioners
  • The Church of England Central Services
  • The Church of England Pensions Board
  • National Society for Promoting Religious Education
  • Trustees of the Lambeth Palace Library