Nurturing & Discerning Senior Leaders

Nurturing & Discerning Senior Leaders

"Nurturing & Discerning Future Leaders" seeks to provide stimulation and space for Bishops, Deans and those who have been identified as having potential for future leadership roles, to develop their capacity for leading strategic and transformative change. Given the timing of the work, it has become increasingly integrated with the wider programme of "Renewal and Reform".

Turning Up the Volume

For the purpose of ncreasing the number of BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic) clergy in senior appointments within the Church of England; TUTV aims to help prepare participants for posts of wider responsibility.

Leadership Programmes

Learning and development programmes for Bishops and Deans

Senior Leadership Development

The introduction of a structured discernment and development programme for clergy who might be called to wider leadership roles in the future

Inter-Diocesan Learning Community

An Inter-Diocesan Learning Community brings together senior clergy and staff from several dioceses to work together as diocesan teams, learn from other dioceses, reflect on their future, and plan what they need to do. This initiative is based on the recognition that in the rapidly changing environment and mission field of twenty-first century England, and in the context of Renewal and Reform, dioceses are addressing many challenges.  They are at different stages in terms of their thinking and planning, but all have valuable experiences to share.  Having seen the benefits from an initial learning community of this nature, we expect to initiate further IDLCs in the coming months.

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