Renewing Discipleship & Ministry

Renewing Discipleship & Ministry

There are five distinct areas of work being undertaken by Ministry Division under Renewing Discipleship & Ministry

Growing Vocations

For a growing church, all Christians should be encouraged and supported in discerning what God is calling them to.  To this end, 'Growing Vocations' is about enabling a culture where calling is nurtured and celebrated. [learn more]

Developing Discipleship

Nurturing discipleship across the Church is vital as the Church of England seeks spiritual and numerical growth. Nurturing discipleship lies at the heart of re-imagining both lay and ordained ministry [learn more]

Lay Ministry

The task group has been set up to review current developments in traditional and emerging forms of lay ministry and to propose a framework for lay ministries in the Church of England. [learn more]

Resourcing Ministerial Education

The guiding vision of Resourcing Ministerial Education is of a growing Church with a flourishing ministry. The RME proposals respond to the aspirations of the dioceses expressed for their future requirements for ministry and leadership. [learn more]

Future Clergy

Clergy whose leadership is marked by being missional, adaptable and collaborative are key to a growing Church and a flourishing ministry.  Future clergy builds on work with discipleship and vocations in reviewing the Discernment and Selection process for clergy. [learn more]