Resourcing the Future

Resourcing the Future

The aim of Resourcing the Future is to ensure that the funds, managed by the Church Commissioners to support mission and ministry in dioceses, are distributed in a way which enables them to advance the Church's goal of mission and growth.

A copy of the report from the Resourcing the Future Task Force which recommended the changes, now being put in place, can be found here. The report was debated in General Synod alongside other aspects of Renewal and Reform in February 2016.

The Archbishops' Council and the House of Bishops have agreed that all of this funding will, from 2017, be distributed for investment in the spiritual and numerical growth of the Church. The current formula-based funding for ministry and mission in dioceses will be replaced, and instead:

  • 50% of the funds available will be distributed to just over half of dioceses as Lowest Income Communities funding, to support and develop mission in low-income communities; and
  • 50% will be available for all dioceses as Strategic Development Funding for investment in new growth opportunities across the country.

The support for Low Income Communities will not be distributed directly to parishes, but will target funds on dioceses to give them some extra capacity for the strategic reallocation of funds to support the Church's mission in low-income communities. The funds will be distributed by a formula which seeks to take account of which dioceses have the greatest number of people living in the lowest income communities, and whose residents have an income below the national average.

As a result of the changes, some dioceses will see changes in the amount of funding they are allocated by formula. For those dioceses receiving less formula funding, Transitional Funding will be available over a ten year period to ensure that mission in the most deprived communities is protected. In addition, a one-off sum of Restructuring Funding will also be provided to help those dioceses to adapt to the changes.

Peer Review has being put in place to facilitate mutual learning and accountability between dioceses.