Contactless giving enables people to give to your church by tapping a contactless payment device with their debit or credit card. 

Why contactless? 

In the last 10 years the use of cash has slowly diminished and now twice the value and volume of payments are made by card and contactless methods compared to cash, with this disparity growing more every year. With this in mind we must consider how this impacts how people donate to our churches, and we must ensure that there is the option for people to give contactlessly.  

Contactless giving mechanisms

What are the benefits of contactless giving? 

Contactless giving enables more people to give and allows givers to give in a way that they feel comfortable to, using their card to make a transaction in the same way they would in everyday life. It is ideal for casual visitors who do not have regular giving set up but would like to give.  

Furthermore, evidence shows that those who currently give to your church, be it through regular giving or a regular cash donation are also more likely to make one-off gifts which could be made contactlessly.  

Contactless giving mechanisms


What support is available for churches switching to contactless? 

For a lot of churches switching to using contactless giving is an intimidating prospect, especially for older congregations who are less familiar with new technology. However, please don’t be put off as there is support available to help you when setting up contactless giving and the solutions themselves have customer support helpdesks to assist you should you need it. We've put together some guidance on good governance and good management when using contactless in your parish.

Finding the right solution for your church 

Churches and cathedrals differ in terms of size, congregation, number of visitors they receive, budget, and level of connectivity, all these factors will have an impact on what solution will work best for your church.  

To find a contactless payment device go to Parish Buying to view a range of solutions which can be filtered on various criteria to ensure you find the right one for your church.