Digital Giving Rollout 2022-2024

Digital Giving

With card having overtaken cash as the preferred form of payment in society generally in 2017, we know that having the ability to accept digital donations is going to be key for many churches in the years to come. In 2022 alone, churches across the country received digital donations and payments of almost £10m. That’s why the Church of England’s National Giving Team is embarking on a three-year project to help thousands more churches get started with digital giving. 

In 2021, we ran four pilots with dioceses across the country to test out different types of devices and ways of training churches. Taking on board everything we learned from that experience, this year we’re beginning to rollout a streamlined approach to helping churches get going with digital giving with the aim of working with each diocese in the country by the end of 2024. 

What is digital giving?

Digital giving refers to donations made using a bank card or smart device, such as a mobile phone, either via a contactless donation unit or through an online giving page accessed through a web browser or QR code. 

What are the benefits of digital giving for churches?

Higher donations
Safe and secure

How is the rollout going to work?

We are working in a phased way diocese-by-diocese. Each diocese is entitled to a certain amount of devices, and the National Giving Team will work with them to allocate devices to a range of churches. This will also include offering some online and in-person training, so that churches feel equipped with how to get the most out of digital giving.

The dioceses we are currently working with, or are about to start working with, include:

Each diocese will promote the application window to their churches; those dioceses currently accepting applications are indicated above and you can click on the link to find out more information.

Details of the order of future dioceses to be included in the rollout will be published here in due course. If you want to find out more about what’s happening in your area, contact your local giving advisor or the National Giving Team's support desk for digital giving queries.


General information about the rollout of digital giving

Who is running this project?
Who are the National Giving Team?
How many churches will benefit from the rollout of digital giving?
Our church wants to get started with digital giving sooner than our diocese is scheduled to take part in the rollout. Is it worth us getting started now?
What is Parish Buying?

My church is thinking about applying to take part in our diocese’s digital giving project

How does the application process work?
When will I hear if my church has been successful in applying for a device?
If successful, when will I receive my device?
My church already has a card reader, can we still take part?
My church already has a contactless donation device similar to those being offered as part of this project, can we still take part?
Can I apply as a multi-church parish or benefice?
If successful with our application, who owns the contactless donation unit?
If successful, will our church need to give our device back for any reason?
Do I need an internet connection?
How secure are contactless donation devices?
Does our church need a faculty for a contactless donation device?
Is there a cost to take part?
Why do some devices have a monthly charge and others don’t?
How can our church explore different options for connectivity?
If our church has to pay a monthly service fee, how long is the contract?
Do I need PCC sign off to take part?
What is a merchant account?
What support will I be able to access?
Who is the project team in my diocese?
How will my church’s data be used?
Who can I ask for more information about any aspect of this project?

My church has been successful in applying for a contactless donation device

What do I need to do now?
What is a merchant account?
Do I need to tell my church insurance provider about contactless donation device?