Generosity Week Resources for Churches

Generosity Week Resources for your church
You can run Generosity Week in your church to coincide with your Harvest Festival. As churches celebrate Harvest at different times this could be at any time between August to October. But if that doesn't work for you, don't let it put you off. We are called to be generous 365 days a year, so run it whenever suits you!

Take a look below at the various resources your church might use during Generosity Week.

You may wish to use all the resources available or just a selection. Resources include:

Walk Through the Resources

This document shows you how all the Generosity Week resources fit together, along with how and where to use them.

Webinar - How to Run Generosity Week

This Zoom webinar, hosted by Joanne Christie from Newcastle, and Trevor Marshall, offers everything you could possibly want to know about promoting Generosity Week in your diocese. 

Generosity Week Newsletter

The National Giving Team will be offering a newsletter for a limited time only to help you get ready for Generosity Week 2022. It's very short, and if you sign up, you'll receive it every Wednesday only until the end of September ... and then it will stop!

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Daily Morning Prayer

Eight daily morning prayer services (PDF)

Eight daily morning prayer services (Word)

Evening Prayer and Compline

An outline service for Evening Prayer (PDF)

An outline service for Evening Prayer (Word)

An outline service for Compline (PDF).

An outline service for Compline (Word)

Weekly Service Material – Grace and Gratitude

Eucharist Material

Service of the Word

Service Content Packs

Celebrating our Legacy

This session explores the material and spiritual legacy we have received from the things that we value, and what our role might be in passing on that legacy to future generations.

Generosity Week and young people

New for 2022 - rescources for children 

Whether there'll be a Sunday school happening in the parish over the summer or not, this colourful table of eight mini challenges will offer something absorbing for children to do while helping them to think about generosity:

The Diocese of Leeds has developed some materials for exploring generosity and stewardship with children and young people.

Engaging with the community

Download and read this helpful flyer (PDF) for ideas on engaging with the wider community during Generosity Week.

Marketing resources

To help you promote your church’s Generosity Week, we have prepared the following marketing materials:

Podcasts, Reflections and Activities

You may wish to explore our Generosity Week podcasts as a church and reflect on how you would share your church’s generous stories like those featured in the series. Or you may to encourage your community to listen in their own time and complete the daily challenges over the week. Explore the podcasts.

What happens after Generosity Week?

Generosity doesn’t end after Generosity Week. Generosity is at the heart of our faith and we need to continuously consider the steps needed to build a generous church. We have created the following resources to help guide your church: