Generous Church Check-up

A Generous Church Check-up is a simple way to ensure your church is heading in a positive direction with your finances and giving practice.

To be undertaken by a PCC, giving or finance sub-committee, or even a specially formed group set up for the specific task in hand, it might become an annual check-up of your ‘giving health’. It focuses on celebrating successes and identifying areas of improvement and is designed to create a plan for the coming year, without placing too much of a burden on the leadership of your church.

Download a copy of our Generous Church Check-up template.

We recommend:

  • Doing a regular annual giving check-up. You can do it at any time of year, but during the months of January or February is often ideal as it can feed into your APCM.
  • Send out the review document in advance and ask members to answer the questions as best they are able, before bringing the answers back for discussion. This saves time during the meeting but also allows people to really get to grips with the subject matter.
  • Contacting your diocesan giving advisor for local support and knowledge. They may have their own diocesan-specific guidance and might even be able to run the session with you.
  • Towards the end of your discussion, start to highlight one or two action points to undertake during the following year. There may be many more that you want to achieve, but focusing on a couple will enable them to embed into your daily church life.