Generosity Learning Hub

The Generosity Learning Hub is here to provide resources, guidance and inspiration so that you have all you need to feel confident teaching and preaching generous giving in our churches. The Learning Hub brings together a wide variety of resources, from all traditions, for all settings.
Computer with the Generosity Learning Hub

Giving generously should be at the heart of our faith as our response to the generosity of God. As priests, we are called to encourage and teach people to live lives that are full of God’s love and grace, and to be inspired by God’s generosity to live generously ourselves. However, it can be a challenging and difficult part of ministry. This generosity learning hub will help. It provides resources for preaching and teaching, from all traditions and for all settings. My prayer is that this learning hub will help you lead your churches to grow in generosity, and that it will enable us all to discover and rediscover God’s incredible generosity towards us.

The Right Reverend Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York

The Christian faith starts with a gift, for God so loved the world that he gave his only son. Yet despite generous giving being at the heart of our faith, many of us often struggle to feel confident in teaching and preaching on it in our churches.

Generosity is at the heart of our faith, and as we grow a generous culture we grow our ministry and mission. Generosity inevitably spills out from our churches, reaching into our communities and enabling people to see and hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Generosity is not a side-line to our ministry, it is integrated and embedded within it. Sharing God’s generosity with others is both an obligation and a privilege, and helps us to become more like the generous God we believe in.

The Learning Hub is free to access and suitable for anyone interested in the ministry of Generosity including:

  • Lay Leaders 
  • Clergy 
  • First Incumbents
  • Curates and Training Incumbents
  • IME Officers
  • Ordinands and Theological Colleges
  • Giving Advisors.