Bells and bell frames Grants June 2021


In total, thirteen Bells and bell frames grants were awarded in June 2021, totalling £27,575.


Church Diocese Subject Funder Grant (£)
Alfriston, St Andrew Chichester Disused 7th bell to be hung as a service bell 1587† (founder unidentified) Pilgrim Trust £1,500
Bishop Wilton, St Edith York Treble: Abraham Smith 1649†; 2nd: Robert Dalton 1791; Tenor: Samuel I Smith 1687† Pilgrim Trust £1,000
Dewsall, St Michael and All Angels Hereford Treble: Bristol foundry c.1540; 2nd: Gloucester foundry c.1325; Tenor: Robert Hendley, Gloucester (c.1470) and 16th century frame Pilgrim Trust £3,000
Great Chishill, St Swithun Chelmsford Treble: William & Philip Wightman 1686†; 2nd: William & Philip Wightman 1686† 3rd: William & Philip Wightman 1686†; 4th: William & Philip Wightman 1686† and 17th century bellframe (1657†) Pilgrim Trust £1,500
Anglican Parish Churches Fund £2,000
      Total £3,500
Harnhill, St Michael and All Angels Gloucester Treble: C14th Unknown†
Tenor: Edward Neale, Burford 1677 and bellframe c.1500
Pilgrim Trust £3,000
Hawkley, St Peter and St Paul Portsmouth 5th: Roger Landen c.1448†; 6th: Roger Landen c.1448† Pilgrim Trust £1,500
7th: Bryan I Eldridge 1624† (to be replaced due to poor tone and hung above the existing peal as a static tolling bell to which the clock hammer that strikes the hour will also be attached)
Huntshaw, St Mary Magdalene Exeter Treble: W K 1634†; 2nd: John II Pennington 1665† Pilgrim Trust £1,500
Tenor: Thomas Gefferies c.1599† and 17th-18th century bellframe Anglican Parish Churches Fund £3,000
      Total £4,500
Lanteglos, St Julitta Truro 2nd: John III & Christopher IV Pennington 1783 Pilgrim Trust £1,000
4th: John III & Christopher IV Pennington 1783
5th: John III & Christopher IV Pennington 1783
Tenor: John III & Christopher IV Pennington 1783
Marston Moreteyne, St Mary The Virgin St Albans Welding of cracked tenor: Hugh I Watts 1610† Pilgrim Trust £2,500
Neatishead, St Peter Norwich Service bell, unknown 1791 Pilgrim Trust £1,075
Nunnington, All Saints and St James York Treble: Samuel I Smith 1675; 2nd: William I Oldfield 1638† Pilgrim Trust £1,500
Tenor: Samuel I Smith
Tattenhall, St Alban Chester Treble: Gabriel Smith 1710†; 2nd: Henry II Oldfield 1596† Pilgrim Trust £1,500
3rd : Henry II Oldfield 1596†; 4th: Henry II Oldfield 1596†
5th: Gabriel Smith 1710†
Turnastone, St Mary Magdalene Hereford Treble: Thomas Rudhall of Gloucester Pilgrim Trust £2,000
Tenor: unknown c.1520
      Total £27,575


† Listed bell or bell frame