Appearing in Crockford

A picture of an old edition of Crockford's Clerical Directory, open, showing biography entries on the page.

Who is eligible?

Upon ordination, all Anglican clergy are eligible to appear in Crockford's Clerical Directory in print and on-line. Biographical entries continue to develop over time into a full historical record of their ministerial journey.

There is no charge to appear in Crockford.

Appearing in Crockford for the first time

  • Read our privacy notice to find out about the data we collect and how it is used
  • Complete and return a data form to provide us with the necessary information to compile your entry
  • Complete and return a permissions form to inform us of your preferences regarding the use of your data
    Please note, we cannot publish your entry without your consent.

Updating your entry

  • If your entry requires any amendments or updates then you can complete and return the data form.
  • Should you wish to change your data permissions then please complete and return the permissions form.

Guidance on filling out the data form

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Theological training