Life events ministry fees FAQs

Please find below frequently asked questions relating to Church of England fees for members of the public, clergy and diocesan officers.

What are parochial fees?
How are the figures calculated?
What does this mean in practice?
What PCC items are specifically covered by parochial fees?
What is the process for handling fees?
Can fees ever be waived?
What happens if a retired or self-supporting minister takes the service?
What about a larger fee if the parish church is a large building?
What about chaplains who take services?
Who can conduct a funeral in a crematorium or a burial authority cemetery
What about baptisms?
Is a fee payable for the funeral or burial of persons aged under 16 years?
What about fees for services at a Cathedral?
Marriage Certificate fees (under s63 of 1949 Marriage Act)
PCC fees for burial or funeral service– how to decide which PCC is due the fee
DBF fees for burial or funeral service– how to decide which DBF is due the fee
What about ongoing churchyard maintenance?
Burial or other lawful disposal of cremated remains
Where can marriage services for which statutory parochial fees are payable, be held?
Where can funeral services for which statutory fees are payable, be held?
When do fees become payable?
Fees for committal