Christmas graphic design tips: Using the Follow the Star logo effectively


The logo for the Follow the Star: The Great Invitation campaign on an iPhone screen

Our ‘Follow the Star’ Christmas campaign logo is now available for your church to use. It’s great for flyers, posters, newsletters, websites and more.

The logo is one of the most valuable assets in the campaign, it quickly connects an audience with our message. So, displaying it correctly and consistently is important.

In this short blog, we will be sharing some useful dos and don’ts. The main thing to remember for a strong result is to keep things clean and simple. Let’s not overcook it this Christmas, we can leave that for the turkey!

1. Use the official colours

It’s always important to be consistent with brand language, images and colour schemes. Don’t go off course, this can bring confusion to your audience and is not the easiest on the eye.

Follow the Star: The Great Invitation logo

2. Always scale proportionally

Squeezing or stretching the logo can be a common error for some when designing a poster or flyer. You may be tempted to squeeze the logo to fit into a small area but when you do this, make sure to do it proportionally. It may be smaller; but it will look better.

A squashed version of the Follow the Star: The Great Invitation logo

3. Don’t alter the logo

The logo is the logo and should stay that way. Don’t be tempted to add extra effects like drop shadows, outlines and any wild filter you can think of.

An unauthorised, modified version of the Follow the Star: The Great Invitation logo

4. Pick the right colour logo for your background.

Having different variations of the logo can be really helpful, especially when using them on coloured backgrounds. Make sure to use the right one so not to lose the logo in your design.

Different versions of the Follow the Star: The Great Invitation logo on a dark blue background

5. Leave clear space

Let the logo breathe. Giving it space is essential. Try and ensure it isn’t covered over by anything else.

A diagram showing how to give the Follow the Star: The Great Invitation logo adequate space

6. Use the correct files

Within our logo package are RGB (digital) and CMYK (print) files. Make sure to use CMYK files for print rather than RGB files, otherwise you will notice a difference in the colour.


Sam Poch
Content producer, Church of England Digital team