Easy video editing tools for churches


Person using a laptop to edit a video
There are a range of comprehensive and free video editing tools available to you to help you edit video for services, social media and websites. Here, we have collected a list of video editing software to suit every level of ability.



If you are a iPhone, iPad or Mac user you should have iMovie already installed on your device. If not, it can be downloaded for free from app store here.

When you open iMovie you will be shown a welcome screen, when past this, it will open up the project screen with two choices: Trailor comes with templates and pre-sets - ideal for a short clip, or Movie which is best for longer videos or where you don’t want to use any templates.

Tap which you want to select (Trailor or Movie). Next you’ll be prompted to upload video from your camera roll. Tap the videos and images you want to include.

Once uploaded, you’ll now be able to edit your video by choosing the order of clips, adding text, music and effects.

Mac World have written a comprehensive how to guide on using iMovie here.


Windows Video Editor

Found in your windows photo app, Video editor allows you to upload multiple videos to piece together, edit clips and include static images and text before downloading as a new video. It’s easy to get started.

Windows Video Editor
  • Go to your Windows applications click on Video Editor
  • Once open, create a new project and give it a name.
  • In project library, click on Add to bring in your video clips or images saved on your computer.
  • The story board at the bottom will show you the order in which clips or images will be shown.
  • Use Text to add text over the video clips.
  • Motion will add movement to static images.
  • Background music will allow you to upload music to include in your video. Remember licences and music rights before you upload. Free music can be found on the Resource Hub here.
Windows Video Editor dashboard



Canva video

Canva’s newer features include animation and video. Canva.com is an online design tool with both free and paid options (Pro account).

Canva video

For free you can create images for online and print, plus create videos.

  • To get started, create an account or log in here
  • Once logged in, search for a project to get started such as Facebook Video, YouTube Video, Presentation, Instagram stories or video collage.
  • Once you’ve selected which type of project you need, explore the features in the left hand column to add images, text and animation graphics. Use the upload button to add your own video’s and images to edit.

Learn more about Canva video features here.

Canva for Non-Profit’s

With Canva’s non-profit scheme, churches can apply for a Canva pro account for free. The process can take time once your application is filled in, however, many UK churches have found it to be a huge benefit to them once accepted.



DaVinci Resolve

This is a comprehensive video editing tool with a professional finish. DaVinci Resolve is free to download which is why so many churches use it to edit, cut, colour and finish their videos. It is a powerful programme but with so many features it may be more comprehensive than many need. If you are unfamiliar with video editing, it won’t be an easy programme to start with, however there are many great video tutorials on YouTube if you do want to try it out.

Da Vinci Resolve

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