Five ways to get your church’s digital platforms ready for Christmas


Five ways to get your church's digital platforms ready for Christmas

1. Add your Christmas events and services to A Church Near You.

We're expecting millions of people to visit the website this December - by updating your page, could you encourage more visitors into your church this year? Now's the time to update your church page on A Church Near You with your Advent and Christmas events and services.

Remember, only by using the Tags on your Christmas services will people be able to find the right services for them, so do check you've used tags such as Christmas, Advent, Christmas Eve, Christingle, Candlemas, Christmas Carols, crib/nativity, mulled wine, mince pies and of course #FollowTheStar! Last year, more than 90 percent of churches added all their Christmas events and services in less than one hour, and of the churches that fully engaged with #FollowTheStar on A Church Near You, 23 percent welcomed more people into their church this year.

If you are unsure how to tag your events, do visit the editor help centre, which has a blog on how to use all the tools and features on A Church Near You.

2. Use your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels to invite people to come along through Advent and Christmas.

Find photos from last year’s services to show people what these services might look like and who comes along. Make sure you have permission to share these images on social media from all those in the photos.  

3. Use the hashtag #FollowTheStar on all your Christmas social media posts.

Whether you’re sharing photos of your beautifully decorated church, sharing a video from your carol service or inviting people along to a Christmas Day service, use the hashtag and your post may be shared by the Church of England, allowing more people to find out about what you’re up to this year.  

4. Try the new #FollowTheStar stickers for Stories.

Whether you’re using Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories, add to your post by using one of our brand new stickers. Read our guide to using these stickers here

5. Tick the campaign option on A Church Near You to use all the #FollowTheStar branding on your church’s page. 

Visitors to your page will see the Church of England Christmas advert, a link directly to your Christmas services and events and a box to sign up to receive daily reflections through Christmas, with an encouragement to come back to join you in church for Epiphany.  

If you are unsure how to tick the campaign option, visit the editor help centre, which has a blog on how to use all the tools and features on A Church Near You.   


Amaris Cole
Senior Digital Communications Manager

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