How to create a Facebook page for your church


How to create a Facebook page
With 85% of internet users having an account (Global Web Index, 2019), Facebook is a great place for churches to be. While many of us are familiar with navigating Facebook for personal use, using the social media platform as a church requires a slightly different approach, one which is quick and easy to understand and adapt to.

When signing up to Facebook, you create a profile, which is personal to you (find out how to create one here). If other accounts want to see your content, they must send you a friend request, which you can either accept or reject. Only someone who is your friend will see your posts in their feed, along with all their other friends’ and ‘liked’ pages’ content.

Groups are areas on Facebook where individuals must request to join and become a member, in order to see all the posts in that group from the other members, whether they are friends with the other members or not.

A page is the final option and is the best way to present your church. Pages are for businesses or organisations and are open for all to access, so don’t need to be joined or requested. Personal accounts can ‘like’ your page, which means that your church’s content will display in their feed, but even if someone hasn’t clicked ‘like’, they will still be able to view your posts and information.

To set up a Facebook page for your church, log in to your personal account, and then follow these simple five steps:

1. Click ‘Pages’ on the left-hand side of your feed screen, then click ‘Create Page’.

How to create a Facebook page MENU


2. Select ‘Community or Public Figure’, then write your church’s name and type Religious Organisation in the ‘Category’ box. 

How to create a Facebook page CREATE

3. Click to upload a profile picture – this is where your church’s logo should go. If you don’t have a logo, read our blog on how to create a logo for free.

4. Click to upload a cover photo – use pictures of friendly, welcoming members of your church, instead of your church building, as beautiful as it may be! Read our blog for some tips on taking great photos in church.

5. You’re in! Click ‘About’ on the left-hand side of the screen and fill in your church’s details. Fill in as much as you can, so your followers can learn all they need to know about you.

How to create a Facebook page ABOUT

6. Make it easy for people to find your page by customising your username. Click on ‘create page username’ underneath your page profile picture. Write in your church's’ name here. Facebook will check to see if it is unique, so you may need to customise it further. This could be by adding your location. For example, @StJohns could be @StJohnsCoventry.

How to create a Facebook page NAME

7. Add your opening times to your page by clicking on ‘edit page info’ on the top right of your ‘About’ page. If you are a church that is open throughout the week, include the times here to let people know when they can visit.

How to create a Facebook page HOURS

8. Add a helpful button to your page to let people contact you easily. Underneath your cover photo, click on ‘Add a button’ and then select what type of button you would like.

How to create a Facebook page BUTTON

After you have followed the steps above, explore the other options available to you from the sidebar, and publish your first post.

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Iso Neville
Social Media Officer

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