How to create a free Instagram profile and business profile


An Instagram business profile offers great benefits for churches who are using the platform to communicate with their community. Once your profile has been upgraded, you’ll find you can access new features, such as your follower demographics, activity on your posts, as well as the ability to share content to your Facebook page, and create Instagram Ads.

In this blog, we take you through the steps to creating your Instagram Business profile, and talk you through some of the additional features to help you get started.

First, start by creating an Instagram profile for your church. 

If you already have a profile, you can skip this bit and move straight on to upgrading it to a business profile. 

  1. Download the Instagram app for Android here, and Apple here

  2. Follow the steps within the app to create a profile. 

  3. Use your church’s email address and phone number as the personal details.

  4. Set the church’s logo as your profile image. 

  5. Add your website or a link to your A Church Near You profile.

How to create an Instagram business profile

Next, upgrade your profile to a business profile. 

  1. Go to your Instagram profile by clicking on your profile image in the circle at the bottom right of your screen. 

  2. From your profile, click on the three lines on the top right of your screen to open a menu.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of this menu and click on ‘Settings’.

  4. From this new menu select Account, then ‘Get more tools’, which will be in blue.

  5. Follow the steps to switch your account to a business profile and link your Church’s Facebook page.

  6. Select your business category. As a church, you can select ‘Religious Organisation’.

  7. Provide contact details such as an email address or phone number for people to contact you.

  8. Click ‘Done’. 

Now your business profile is set up you will be able to access a few additional features: 

  1. From your profile, click on the three lines on the top right of your screen.

  2. Select ‘Insights’.

  3. This will open a page with three tabs: 
    Activity tab: An overview of your profile including interactions - Profile visits, link clicks, clicks to contact; and Discovery - how many people are seeing your content in Reach and Impressions (see below for what these terms mean). 
    Content tab: From here you can view Insights on your Posts, Stories, and Promotions (your paid adverts). On each post you can find out how many people were reached, number of likes or comments received, and how many times a post was shared or saved. 
    Audience tab: Find out more about your followers, including how many have followed this week, the areas they live, their age and the times they are online. 

  4. With your business profile you can create an advert, either from the Instagram app, or through your Facebook Ad manager. Find out how to create an Instagram advert here.

You will only be able to see insights on your posts from the date you upgraded to the business profile so bear this in mind when looking at your Insights for the first time. 

How to create an Instagram Business Profile

In the Insights tab there a few different expressions, but what do they mean? 

Reach: The number of individuals who have seen a post 

Impressions: The number of times a post was seen in the feed (this could be multiple times for one person) 

Engagement: Number of likes, comments and clicks on a post 

Followers: The number of people who follow you 

Website clicks: The number of times someone clicked on the link in your profile 

Contact clicks: The number of times someone clicked on your contact button

Now you've set up your profile, learn more about using Instagram in our Labs Learning blogs.


Liz Morgan
Church Digital Champion

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