How to Design a Church Logo, Even If You're Not a Designer


This guide is packed with easy steps and tips to help you design a logo that looks professional and truly represents your church. 

Creating a logo for your church might sound challenging and time consuming, especially if you're not a designer. But don't worry! This guide is packed with easy steps and tips to help you design a logo that looks professional and truly represents your church. 

Step 1: Get to Know Your Church and Community 

Your logo should reflect what your church stands for and who it serves.  

 How to Do It: 

List Key Features: Think about what makes your church special. Are you friendly? Traditional? Focused on serving your community? Write it down. 

Think About Your People: Who comes to your church? Families, young adults, or maybe older folks? Knowing who you're talking to helps a lot. 


Step 2: Start with a Brainstorm 

Let your creativity flow and jot down every idea. This is important as there is power in writing down all the ideas you think of as it will help you to narrow down your focus. 

How to Do It: 

Write down anything that comes to mind about your church—symbols, colours, words. 

Try sketching your ideas, no matter how rough. It’s just about getting your ideas out. 


Step 3: Keep It Simple 

Simple logos are easier to recognise and remember.  

How to Do It: 

Use symbolism Instead of drawing a cross, maybe use light beams or a dove. There are many different symbols and imagery in scripture that you could draw on for inspiration. 

Focus on Details: Maybe focus on a small part of a bigger idea. 


Step 4: Do Some Research 

Gather some inspiration to make sure your logo stands out. 

How to Do It: 

Hit the Internet: Check out sites like Pinterest for cool ideas. 

Visit the Library: Yes, books about designs or symbols can spark great ideas. 


screenshot of examples of church logos on Pinterest

Step 5: Put Pencil to Paper 

What's It About: Start sketching your ideas by hand. 

How to Do It: 

Keep it Casual: Just draw whatever versions of your ideas come to mind. Play around with it until something sticks. If you don’t feel drawing’s your strong point, you could skip straight to Step 6 below! 


Step 6: Make It Digital 

Turn your sketches into a neat digital logo.  

How to Do It: 

Try Easy Tools: Use simple programs like Canva or Vectr. They’re user-friendly and often free! Our video tutorial ‘How to create a logo for your church using Canva’ is a good starting point. 

Look Up How-Tos: Quick online tutorials can show you the basics of these tools. 


Step 7: Choose the Right Font 

What's It About: Pick a font that’s easy to read and fits your church’s vibe.  

How to Do It: 

Keep It Simple: Stick to basic, clean fonts. Avoid anything too fancy or hard to read as this can make your content less accessible. 


Step 8: Pick Your Colours 

What's It About: Colours can say a lot about your church.

How to Do It: 

Learn Colour Meanings: Colours like blue can feel calming, while red might be more energetic. 

Test Out Combinations: Tools like Coolors or Adobe Colour can help you pick a good mix. 

Screenshot of homepage

Step 9: Make It Versatile 

What's It About: Your logo should work well everywhere—from your website to T-shirts. How to Do It: 

Try Different Shapes: Make sure your logo looks good in a circle, a square, or a rectangle. Can you easily use it as your social media profile image? 


Step 10: Give It Some Space 

What's It About: Don’t cram too much into your logo. Space it out.  

How to Do It: 

Clear the Clutter: Make sure there’s empty space around your logo so it can really stand out. 


Final Touch: 

Set Some Rules: Once you’re happy with your logo, write down some guidelines on how it should be used—like where and when to use which version of your logo. 

For example:  Church of England logo and visual identity

screenshot example of the Church of England logo guidelines

And that’s it! Follow these steps, and you’ll have a logo that feels right for your church. Remember, it’s all about representing your community and what you stand for. Have fun designing! 

- Digital Team