How often to post to your church's social media channels


How often should we be posting on social media each week is a question we often get asked during our one-day digital training for churches. The quick answer is there’s no real magic number, and there are variables such as the platform, the size of your audience and the type of content you are posting.
How often to post on your church's social media

Before we get on to how often to post, there are a few things to consider.

  1. Quality is more important than quantity. The more helpful or interesting your content is to your audience, the better, as they will come back to your posts again and again. If you post for the sake of it, you risk losing your audience's attention.
  2. What can you manage? There are only so many hours in a day, and you are probably juggling family life, studies or work as well as looking after these social platforms. Decide what you, or your team, can realistically manage.
  3. Be consistent. Once you’ve decided what you can manage, stick to it. Studies show that the more consistent you are, the more likely your audience will see your post, and your audience will grow. 

How often should you be posting on social media?

These recommendations show the recommended levels of posting per week for accounts that would like to grow their audience. If you're able to post the recommended levels each week, that's great, but if not, aim to post at least the minimum and be consistent.

Facebook Newsfeed

  • Recommended: Five to seven posts per week
  • Lowest: Three times a week
  • Tip: More than once a day can be too much unless you’ve got a very big following when you might get away with more! Need some ideas on what to post? Take a read of our blog here.

Facebook Stories

  • Recommended: As often as you can! These are not yet as widely used on Facebook, so yours will stand out!
  • Lowest: Try to post at least a couple of stories per week, if you can!
  • Tip: Lower quality videos and images work well in stories, as we expect them to be light and candid, so have fun!


  • Recommended: Seven to ten tweets per day. These can be your own original tweets as well as retweets or replies.
  • Lowest: One per day.
  • Tip: Quality is important, don’t tweet just for the sake of it, and keep your content varied and conversational.


  • Recommended: Five to seven posts per week.
  • Lowest: Three times a week.
  • Tip: Consistency is important to growing your following on Instagram, don’t post 10 times one week, and then only twice the next. Keep to a consistent rhythm.

Instagram Stories

  • Recommended: As often as you can, remembering not to spam your followers
  • Lowest: Try to post a couple of stories per week, if you can!
  • Tip: If you’ve not used them before, try stories out on your own Instagram profile, before creating them for your church account.

Have you tried Instagram or Facebook stories yet? Take a read of our blog here to help you get started.

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Liz Morgan
Church Digital Champion


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