How your church can start getting ready for the Coronation of King Charles III


In this blog you will find out the digital resources available and the practical ways you can use them to promote your Coronation events. 

The Coronation of King Charles III is fast approaching. It’s likely to be a once in a lifetime event, as the nation - and nations across the world - join in to witness the anointing of a new king. 

Some churches have already started listing and promoting the different activities they have across the Coronation weekend. However, if you haven’t yet, it’s not too late and you can still let people know what is going on. 

What's available?

Within the different resources available, there are some that are available to all and then some that are exclusively available via  

Available to all:

Exclusively available to editors:

  • Church of England Coronation logo to use on your materials
  • Downloadable photos of the King
  • Poster templates for advertising your services and events
  • Custom graphic and video generator
  • Rights-free music for the Coronation

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Practical things you can do using the resources available

1. List your Coronation services and events on

As part of preparing for the Coronation you can list your Coronation events and services on In the video below you'll find out how you can add and tag Coronation services or events for your church or benefice.

Below are some example of churches who have listed their events on

3 example listings of Coronation events or services on

What else can you do on

To give people more information and get them excited to join your church for the celebrations, you can use the news section within Here are two example of how other churches have done it:

A screenshot examples of churches listing their news articles on

Here is a help article with step-by-step instructions on how to use this functionality within Adding a news story or notice sheet – AChurchNearYou (

In addition, you can also use the custom graphic and video generator to create your posters, PowerPoints or social media posts. Here is a video showing you how to achieve this in the resource hub:

2. Using social media content to promote your event

During the next few weeks there will be a real interest from people from different walks of life who will want to know more about the Coronation. This is an opportunity for the church to have a voice in this space.

Here's an example of the type of post you can create using the templates provided on the Resource Hub:

Example of a Coronation invitation

On Instagram, 161k people have shared Coronation content. On Facebook, 127k people have shared Coronation content, and TikTok has reached over 272.7m views on Coronation related content, especially under the hashtag Coronation.

Hashtags you can use: #Coronation #CoronationKingCharlesIII #Coronation2023 #ChurchofEngland #coronationprayers #KingCharlesIII

You don't need to use all of these, you could just pick 2 or 3 to use. A good tip for deciding which hashtag to use is to search the key word in the platform and see how many posts have been created or viewed through that hashtag.

Images depicting #coronation on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

3. Share national content

The Church of England national social media accounts will also be sharing content in the lead up to the Coronation, so feel free to engage with and reshare those posts.

Hopefully after reading this blog you feel equipped and ready to go and explore the different resources available, list your events, pair it up with some exciting news and then share it all on social media.

We're looking forward to seeing what you share. It's been great to see those that have already listed their Coronation events and shared them on social media, well done for all your hard work!


- Ruvimbo Makumbe, Digital Labs Manager