Pray Your Part: Content Ideas for the General Election 2024


The General Election is a pivotal moment for our nation, a time to reflect on our values and hopes for the future. Our new campaign, Pray Your Part, invites you to engage deeply with the election through prayer, fostering a community of thoughtful voters.

The General Election is a pivotal moment for our nation, a time to reflect on our values and hopes for the future.  

Our new campaign, Pray Your Part, invites you to engage deeply with the election through prayer , fostering a community of thoughtful voters.  

This 21-day journey of prayer and reflection (from Friday, 14 June until Election Day on 4 July) explores a daily theme, with a short Bible reading, reflection and prayer for a different aspect of our common life. You can sign up to receive the reflections by email or order printed booklets here.

We’ll also be sharing prayers, Bible readings and videos on our social media channels, where you’ll hear from a number of different people about their prayer for the election.

As we embark on this journey together, let's explore some ideas you could use to help engage your own congregations and communities.

For Beginners

1. Simple Reflection Videos

Create short videos using a smartphone or basic camera. Focus on the day's theme, a Bible reading, a brief reflection, and a prayer. Share these on your church's social media pages and via email.


Theme: Justice

Content: A church member reads Micah 6:8, shares a personal reflection on what justice means in their daily life, and closes with a prayer for fairness in our communities.

2. Interactive Social Media Posts

Engage your congregation with simple interactive posts. You can make the most of  free tools like Facebook Polls or Instagram Stories to ask questions and encourage participation.


Theme: Peace

Content: A poll asking followers how they practice peace in their daily lives, followed by a post inviting people to share stories or pictures of moments when they feel most peaceful.

3. Basic Blog Posts

Write short blog posts featuring reflections on each day's theme. Use a new micro-blogging technique where your blog is a caption accompanied with one or a series of images. Instagram and TikTok’s algorithms are currently prioritising slides (multiple images posted at once) which means more people within your community will see the content you put out.    


Theme: Leadership

Content: A short post by your church leader discussing the importance of ethical leadership, including a Bible verse (Proverbs 11:14) and a prayer for guidance for our leaders.

4. Visual Storytelling with Simple Graphics

Create basic infographics or quote images using free tools like Canva. Share these on social media to visually represent the key points of each day's theme.


Theme: Compassion

Content: A simple graphic highlighting different ways to show compassion, accompanied by a quote from Colossians 3:12 and an actionable step for the day.

If you have more intermediate skills

1. Enhanced Reflection Videos

Enhance your daily videos with more detailed reflections and personal stories, perhaps featuring different people. Use simple editing software to add text overlays and transitions.


Theme: Hope

Content: A church member shares a story of finding hope during a difficult time, with added text overlays for Bible verses like Romans 15:13 and key points of the reflection.

2. Social Media Campaigns with Engagement

Create more engaging social media campaigns with regular posts, scheduled live Q&A sessions, and interactive challenges.


Theme: Faith

Content: A week-long challenge where followers post how they live out their faith in their community using the hashtag #FaithInAction, with a daily highlight of the best posts and stories shared by your followers.

3. Guest Blog Series

Invite guest writers from within your church community – or even local leaders - to contribute to a blog series. These could help provide a diverse range of perspectives.


Theme: Community

Content: A community leader writes about the role of community support, highlighting local initiatives and including a prayer for unity and cooperation.

4. Podcast Episodes

Launch a simple podcast series using basic recording equipment. Each episode can explore a theme in-depth with interviews and discussions.


Theme: Stewardship

Content: A podcast episode discussing biblical stewardship principles, practical tips for environmental care, and reflections on Genesis 2:15.

For those with more advanced skills

1. Professional Reflection Videos

Produce high-quality daily videos with professional editing, multiple speakers, and dynamic visuals.  


Theme: Integrity

Content: A well-edited video featuring several people from your church community discussing how integrity plays out in their lives, with dynamic visuals, background music, and Bible verses like Proverbs 10:9 integrated seamlessly.

2. A comprehensive Social Media Strategy

Implement a comprehensive social media strategy in the run-up to the election including scheduled posts, different types of content and cross-platform promotion. Use analytics to track engagement and adjust your strategy to improve engagement.


Theme: Love

Content: A series of posts exploring different facets of love in action in your community, with the opportunity to promote your church’s initiatives, a variety of scheduled posts to maintain engagement, and a campaign encouraging followers to share their stories of love using #LoveInAction.

3. In-Depth Blog and Vlog Series

Create an in-depth blog or vlog series with detailed posts and videos. Each entry could feature an interview, extended reflections and ideas for further reading or actions to take.


Theme: Justice

Content: A detailed blog post and accompanying video featuring an interview with a justice advocate, exploring biblical and contemporary views on justice, with links to further reading and a call to action for social justice initiatives in your area.

5. Virtual Prayer Meetings and Webinars

Host virtual prayer meetings and webinars using platforms like Zoom. These can include breakout sessions for small group discussions, guest speakers, and interactive elements.


Theme: Leadership

Content: A Zoom webinar featuring a leadership expert discussing ethical leadership, with interactive Q&A, breakout discussion groups, and a concluding prayer session for current and future leaders.

Making the Most of Limited Resources

For churches with limited resources, here are some additional tips:

  • Do you have any volunteers with skills in writing, video production, and social media management? Get them involved!
  •  Partner with nearby churches to share resources and content.
  •  Utilise free tools like Canva, CapCut, WordPress, and social media platforms to create and distribute content.
  • It's better to produce a few high-quality pieces of content than to spread yourself too thin with too many projects.

Get involved and share your journey with #PrayYourPart as we gear up for the General Election - we’re looking forward to seeing your posts! 

- Digital Giving Team