Repurposing video content from live or pre-recorded services


Each week, thousands of churches across the country are creating hours of live or pre-recorded video content, and, with it, weeks-worth of content for social media. However, these videos often never get used again.

In this week’s blog, we share simple ideas for re-using video content from your online services throughout the week.

Repurposing video content from live or pre-recorded services


13 ideas for repurposing your video content

1. Cut out a one-minute video segment from the sermon and share to Instagram or Facebook as a video post

Use free tools such as iMovie or Windows video editor to clip a full-length video into a one-minute segment, perfect for sharing online during the week. Those who watched the service will appreciate hearing the inspiration again, and others may be inspired to join the service next time.

2. Ask a question relating to the Sunday message, for example, 'What three words have you taken away from this week's service?'

If you are on Instagram, use the Stories question sticker to invite your community to share, or write a simple post on Facebook. Asking questions on social media creates a sense of community and engagement, and you'll be inspired to see how God is speaking to your community through the services. 

3. Post a reminder during the week of one of the notices mentioned during the online service

Use a video editor to cut out a clip of one of the notices, or simply write a post and include a link, to your web page or event, that tells more.

4. Create a text graphic using a quote from the message with Canva (a free online design tool)

Have you explored Canva's free templates? Create a quick shareable graphic using a verse or quote from the service and share on Monday using the hashtag #MondayMotivation with a link to the video from the service.

5. Outtakes or behind the scenes photographs? For a personal touch, share to Instagram and Facebook Stories to show what goes on behind the camera

Stories are the perfect place to share in-the-moment photos and videos, showing the personality and life of your church. The more un-cut the better! Learn how to post to Stories here.

6. Screenshot a fun moment from the service and invite your community to caption it

Do ask permission before you screenshot and invite captions, however, this may get the creativity flowing and your community chatting mid-week.

7. Run a poll asking their favourite hymn or section of the service

Instagram Stories, Twitter and Facebook Groups all have an option to create a poll. Ask your audience any question in a poll to receive quick results.

8. Use the audio from the sermon to create a podcast to share with your newsletter audience

Strip the audio from the video using Handbrake and release it as a podcast using a platform like Anchor or Podbean (free) to distribute to Apple and Spotify (and more). More on how to do that here.

9. Create a video clip of one of the hymns and share it during the week with words of encouragement or the history of the song

Sharing a new perspective on a song they've sung many times may help them engage with sung worship in a new way. Use a clip of one of the songs from your service, or find a recording on YouTube and share the link to the video along with a written post.

10. Use the words from a prayer said during the service and share again as a post

Go back to Canva and create a graphic with one of their free templates using the words of a prayer. We heard many stories from churches of how prayers said online have reached out to those struggling, new to faith, or who are exploring faith. In the post, invite readers to say the words of the prayer, or share prayer requests through direct message or email. 

11. With permission, take a screenshot of the Zoom service in progress and share it during the week with a caption

This simple post could encourage new people to attend the service on Zoom, having seen what they might expect, and it serves as a reminder, that despite lockdown restrictions, your church is still gathering as one online. 

12. Turn the sermon into a blog on your A Church Near You page or website and send the link out with the weekly newsletter

Ask your vicar to share their written notes with you, or transcribe the sermon yourself, to create a blog on your website or A Church Near You page. Offering resources in a range of formats increases accessibility and engagement in a topic. Transcribing does take time, so bear this in mind, or find someone in your community willing to help. 

13. Use a clip from the service to add to your website or ACNY page to welcome new visitors

The service welcome, a short segment from the sermon, or a fun in-the-moment clip, all can go along way to welcome new visitors to your site and give them a glimpse into your community. Typically, videos on websites increases visitor engagement and the time spent on the site. Messages can be delivered quicker, and it's more memorable.

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