Tips for sharing your Platinum Jubilee event online


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Does your church have events planned to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee over the extended bank holiday? Do you use social media and other sites like A Church Near You to share the exciting events coming up at your church?

Here are six tips for promoting and sharing events online, with useful things to think about before, during and after the event. 

Before the event

1)    Create a plan 

Before doing any promotion or content creation, try coming up with a basic plan. Outline what you will share, when you will share it, the platforms you will use and what you hope the outcome will be. This will help to keep you on track, ensuring well thought out content, which is posted at the most appropriate times.

2)    Create an event on Facebook

Using your church's Facebook page, create an event that helps to spread the word quickly. Facebook events allow you to personally invite friends, members of a group or followers of your church page. Events are a great way to connect with people locally. Include a physical location to make it easier for people to find you. Links to tickets can also be added if admission is required. 

3)    Add your event details to

On your church's site on, make sure to create a one-off event, making use of the Jubilee tag to help those searching for their local Jubilee celebration.

There are also Jubilee social media graphic templates you can download on the Resource Hub on

During the event

4)    Use Stories to share the experience with your followers

Stories on Instagram and Facebook are a quick and easy way of sharing what is going on at an event whilst it is running. Find out how to post an Instagram Story and why your church should be using them by reading our blog on making the most of Instagram Stories.

5)    Go behind the scenes with a live video

According to Cisco, live video is expected to account for 82% of online traffic by the end of 2022 and 87% would prefer to watch a live video if it includes behind the scenes footage. Share the experience of an event with your followers by giving them exclusive access to something. It is easier than ever to go live, learn how by reading our beginner’s guide to going live with your service or event for free.


After the event

6)    Share images from the event 

Whilst the event is going on, assign someone to take pictures. Be brave, asking people to pose if necessary or get someone you know with a camera to help out. Make sure that you have the right permissions in place, especially if you are taking images of children. Then a day or two after the event share your highlights on social media. This could be an opportunity to thank those who did the organising or to offer an invitation to your Sunday service. 

Richard Earnshaw

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