Your most frequently asked questions and answers from our Livestream webinar


In the last month, we've been joined by more than 1000 people in one of our webinars, covering topics such as using Facebook pages, going live on YouTube or hosting a prayer meeting on Zoom. We've answered 100's of your questions, so we've compiled your most frequently asked questions from our live stream webinar into a blog.

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What are the advantages of live streaming? 
What’s the best way to promote an upcoming Live?
Do I need any special equipment to record a video or go live in my own home?
I've heard there's a way to record Zoom meetings - is it possible to upload them to YouTube/social media/website afterwards?
What software can I use to edit videos?
I want to do an interactive breakfast church for Easter service, but I'm not sure if I should do via Zoom or as a video.
Can you save your live broadcasts and put it on A church near you or our own websites?
Can people who don’t have a Facebook profile watch a Facebook live or pre-recorded video?
What licence do I need to perform music in the video?
Are there any licensing problems for churches livestreaming the words for modern worship songs that are being performed live?
Can I use background music in my video?

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Liz Morgan
Church Digital Champion

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