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Welcome to the Digital Labs blog. Here you'll find resources and advice on design, photography, social media strategy and more. Aimed specifically at those running social and web projects in churches.

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  1. St Martin in the fields choir

    Free music downloads for weddings and funerals


    Our new collection of free downloadable music for weddings and funerals has arrived. Available through the Resource Hub

  2. Low Light photography tips for smartphones

    Low Light photography tips for smartphones


    Smartphone photography tips for taking the best photos in less than perfect lighting.

  3. Church spire against a blue sky

    Seven ways to raise the visibility of your church community online


    Engage these simple tips to help your church community reach local online audiences

  4. Graphic design for churches

    Graphic design tips for churches


    How to design effective posters, flyers and social media graphics for your church.

  5. Women in a Zoom meeting with three other women

    Zoom accessibility tools


    Accessibility features in Zoom to support your church community online

  6. Embedding video on A Church Near You

    Embedding live and pre-recorded video to your A Church Near You pages


    To support churches with their online activities, new features have been added to the site to make it quick and easy to find and share online services and events.

  7. Creating and administrating a church social media account

    Creating and administrating a church social media account


    Useful guide for anyone creating a new account for a church

  8. Digital Labs conference thumbnail 2021

    Highlights from the Digital Labs conference 2021


    Digital Labs conference

  9. My top five What I've learnt about doing church online

    My top five: What I’ve learnt doing church online


    Elliot Swatteridge, curate at​​​​ at St Peter's and St James, Hereford, shares his insights from a year of experimenting with digital in his rural parish, the opportunities and challenges encountered, and a new-found love for filming.

  10. How to turn your video into a podcast

    Turn your video into a podcast


    The popularity of podcasts continues to grow, with people consuming more audio content than ever. Church of England Audio Producer, James, takes us through the steps of turning your video into a podcast.