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Digital Labs blogs

Welcome to the Digital Labs blog. Here you'll find resources and advice on design, photography, social media strategy and more. Aimed specifically at those running social and web projects in churches.

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  1. Bunting outside a church fete

    Tips for sharing your Platinum Jubilee event online


    Does your church have events planned to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee over the extended bank holiday? Do you use social media and other sites like A Church Near You to share the exciting events coming up at your church?

    Here are six tips for promoting and sharing events online, with useful things to think about before, during and after the event. 

    3 min read
  2. What to share on social media this week

    Five posts to share on your church's social media this week


    Are you struggling to come up with ideas for your church’s social media? Feel as though you’ve been posting the same  type of content and need some more variety.

    Read on for five types of posts you can post on your church’s social media this week and every week.

    4 min read
  3. Are you using links on Instagram correctly

    Are you using links on Instagram correctly?


    All you need to know about using links on posts, stories and your church Instagram profile.

    6 min read
  4. Making the most of Instagram Story thumbnail

    Making the most of Instagram Stories


    Find out how you can use the Instagram Stories to engage with your community on Instagram

    9 min read
  5. How to create an Instagram profile and business profile

    How to create a free Instagram profile and business profile


    We take you through the steps to creating an Instagram profile for your church, and talk you through some of the features to help you get started.

    5 min read
  6. Get your church's site ready for lent and easter

    Get your church's site ready for Lent and Easter


    Update your church's site on with your Lent and Easter services and events. Head to the Resource Hub for templates to help with promoting services and activities. 

    3 min read
  7. Digital Trends for the church in 2022

    Digital trends for churches in 2022


    Amaris Cole, Head of Digital explores the top digital trends for churches to embrace in 2022

    7 min read
  8. A street with Christmas lights and people walking

    Considering your digital communities this Christmas


    Find ideas for content to share with your local community this Advent and Christmas.

    11 min read
  9. How to customise the 'At the heart of Christmas' resources for your church

    How to customise the 'At the heart of Christmas' resources for your church


    Follow our step-by-step guide to create your own Christmas graphics for social media with

    4 min read
  10. Launching at the heart of Christmas

    Launching 'At the heart of Christmas'


    Join together with churches across the nation for a special launch night

    3 min read