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Welcome to the Digital Labs blog. Here you'll find resources and advice on design, photography, social media strategy and more. Aimed specifically at those running social and web projects in churches.

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  1. digital labs Instagram 2024 blog thumbnail

    How to make the most of Instagram to reach your audience in 2024


    Are you curious about how to use Instagram effectively in 2024? In this blog, we'll explore some tips and features to help you engage with your audience on this platform.

    4 min read
  2. Digital labs blog thumbnail on the church organiser

    Everything you need to know about the Church Organiser


    The Church Organiser has tools to help your church and is fully funded for all churches within The Church of England. 

    3 min read
  3. Thumbnail with Digital Labs branding and a YouTube Logo

    Ways to boost your visual branding with YouTube Creator Studio


    In recent years, churches have turned to platforms like YouTube to share their message, reach a wider audience, and build a stronger online community. 

    That’s where visual branding comes in. 

    To put it simply, branding is your own unique identity. This could be through a logo, a colour scheme and even your own #hashtag.  

    YouTube Creator Studio is a valuable tool that can help keep your church’s identity consistent and increase engagement with your content. 

    5 min read
  4. Icon of a laptop with an envelop coming out of it on Digital Labs branding

    Platform recommendation: How to transfer to Brevo from Mailchimp


    Many churches and communities use Mailchimp for email communications. While Mailchimp is an intuitive and high-quality platform, it is based in the US. Right now, many churches are re-examining their GDPR policies and obligations and are choosing to migrate to platforms based in the UK or EU. This is to ensure the highest level of compliance with GDPR that they can achieve. 

    5 min read
  5. content curation blog thumbnail

    Content curation ideas for Easter 2024


    As Easter approaches, you have a unique opportunity to engage your community through thoughtful social media content.

    3 min read
  6. content curation blog thumbnail

    How to turn your video into audio for podcast in 2024


    This blog provides a straightforward, updated guide on converting video content to podcasts, selecting an appropriate host, and making sure your podcast reaches its intended audience in 2024.

    4 min read
  7. Digital giving thumbnail with digital labs logo

    Exploring the World of Digital Giving: What You Need to Know


    The Digital Giving Team is here to help churches get on board with digital giving. We're part of the Church of England's National Giving Team and We're all about equipping churches with the tools and knowledge they need to make giving easy.

    3 min read
  8. Digital Labs  Video for Lent Blog Thumbnail

    Make the most of digital outreach this Lent & Easter using video content


    Now is a great time to add your Lent and Easter services and events to your church or benefice site on 

    3 min read
  9. Church Spotlight Thumbnail

    Church Spotlight: Find out how St Peter’s church used to promote their Easter services.


    In this blog we are going to be spotlighting some amazing event promotions that we saw last year on by St Peter’s Church. 

    3 min read
  10. Thumbnail with watch and pray logo and design

    How to add your Lent and Easter services across churches in your benefice on


    This year, for the first time, we will be using the Church of England’s national social media accounts to drive the public to a dedicated Lent and Easter homepage. You can use to promote your services and events this Lent – all for free.


    4 min read