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Women participating in a Zoom meeting with three other women
Prayer meetings, coffee groups and Bible studies on Zoom have become the norm and look set to stay. This format has enabled those with disabilities, chronic illness or those who work or have caring responsibilities to attend and be part of the church community online. To support users, Zoom has improved accessibility features within meetings. We've summarised some of the essential tools for hosts and highlighted the ones to share with your meeting participants.

Accessibility features for hosts

1. Captions

Meeting hosts with a Zoom pro account can turn on live translation so that a meeting can include subtitles. This can help you create an accessible online experience for all. This feature will provide automatic subtitles when turned on, however, currently only works during meetings, not webinars, where a third party provider such as Rev can be used.

Enabling closed captioning and live transcription

2. Multi spotlight

The host can spotlight multiple videos in a Zoom meeting to highlight an interpreter and speaker so everyone sees them, no matter who is speaking. 

How to add multiple spotlights for everyone

Accessibility features for participants

1. Accessibility settings

Zoom has a range of accessibility features which can be customised by individuals. Font size for chat and captions can be increased, and those using screen readers can customise the settings.

How to access and edit accessibility settings

2. Video display

Meeting participants can re-order videos on their screen to create a view which is only visible to them. Drag the videos to re-order them while the meeting is in-progress or use Pin to highlight videos no matter who is speaking.

How to pin one or more videos

We've highlighted only a few of the tools available for meeting hosts and participants. For more, take a read here.

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