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Welcome to the Digital Labs blog. Here you'll find resources and advice on design, photography, social media strategy and more. Aimed specifically at those running social and web projects in churches.

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  1. How to create Subtitles for a video

    How to create subtitles for a video


    How do you create subtitles for your videos? In this blog, we take you through the steps for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

  2. What to share on social media this Advent and Christmas


    Social media can be a powerful way to spread the word and invite even more people along to something this Christmas. 

  3. Five ways to get your church's digital platforms ready for Christmas

    Five ways to get your church’s digital platforms ready for Christmas


    A checklist for your digital platforms this Christmas

  4. Type follow the star into the search bar

    How to use the #FollowTheStar Instagram Stickers


    This Christmas, we have launched a range of Follow the Star stickers for Instagram and Facebook stories. Add them to your stories in a few simple steps.

  5. How to create Instagram Story Highlights thumbnail

    How to create Instagram Stories Highlights


    Instagram Stories Highlights is a great way to let people know more about services and events at your church.

  6. How often to post to your church's social media channels


    We often get asked this question during our social media training days, so this week we've focused on how often to post to help build community and reach more people.

  7. Creating a consistent style on Instagram

    Creating a consistent style on Instagram


    Learn how to develop a consistent style on Instagram in a few easy steps.

  8. What is user generated content and how can you share it?

    What is user-generated content and how can you share it?


    Stuck for content but want to keep your church’s social media up to date? There may be a whole bank of content, tailored to your church, ready and available for you to use.

  9. 7 social media post ideas with examples

    7 social media post ideas, with examples


    We've found seven post examples to inspire your social media this week.

  10. How to create an Instagram business profile

    How to create a free Instagram profile and business profile


    We take you through the steps to creating your Instagram Business profile, and talk you through some of the additional features to help you get started.